As I do more and more programming over the years I make slight contributions back to the community over time. This is just a list that I will attempt to maintain that keeps track of what I have done and gives hints as to what has interested me in the past and present:

    I helped change some configuration and attempted to make it that little bit better for the user. I actually know this code base really well as a result.
  • Haskeline
    I needed an extra feature that I thought that the library needed which was the ability to have a line start off with some default text. You can see the resultant function from my efforts in version which was the first version to contain my patch.
There is more of my work available through my own efforts on:
Any extra effort that I make should become apparent on this blog as time goes by, simply as I start talking about it. If you want to see what I am interested in right this second then just follow my twitter feed.

2 thoughts on “Contributions

  1. When can we expect to see more commits to fuppes from you?
    The project really needs some manpower to bringout a newer stable release after the current 0.660 version.


    1. Hi Michael, It seems unlikely that I will be working on Fuppes more in the future. My need to actually use Fuppes has disappeared due to the way things are arranged now and with it Fuppes has taken a back seat to the other projects that I am currently working on. I will be updating my blog soon with the details of these other projects that I have been working on but you can see too of them in the sidebar, my Android Apps. And they require a fair amount of my time and effort.

      I think that you will have to contact Ulrich if you wish to see Fuppes go further; if you like I could put you two in touch?


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