This is the blog of Robert Massaioli. It was created for the purpose of providing interesting information to a large number of people. That information includes:

  • Programming problems and their solutions
  • Sysadmin / Power User style guides for how to setup various things in an optimal way
  • New technology suggestions
  • Anything tech-like that really takes my fancy.

Personally I love spreading information in any way that I can but I don’t like repeating myself. I love keeping things organised too. That is the intention of this blog; to post my discoveries, achievements and results in computing related, sometimes technical, topics. I want this blog to be a source of information for people to come to for quality information. I want people to be able to read each and every post and learn something that they did not know before or have their interest piqued. Essentially, when you read each one of my blog posts it will be something substantial.

If you want to know more about me personally well then know this:

  • I am currently a Computer Science undergraduate; soon to be Graduate Developer.
  • I love Programming and Engineering (Electrical and Mechanical mostly).
  • I love reading about new and interesting topics. My favorite light reading often involves Fantasy or Sci-Fi novels.
  • My goal is to be more knowledgeable (or less ignorant) by the end of each day and to have fun while doing so.

That is all from and about me: you may now freely enjoy the blog.


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