Collecting audio samples of the English Alphabet

What are you collecting?

At the moment I am working on a project to create “The English Alphabet Audio Database” which aims to be the largest (completely free) collection of people speaking the English Alphabet on the planet.

How do I contribute my beautiful voice?

View or contribute to it here:

Note: All submissions have everything but the sound of your voice stripped from them (like filename), ensuring that you remain anonymous except for your voice. And even then, your voice will be in a database of hundreds or more of other voices.

Why are you collecting these audio samples?

I am collecting this data for the purpose of aiding some speech recognition work that I am doing and thought that, while I was at it, I may as well make a big collection of audio samples than anybody can use for any purpose. I hope that you submit to the audio database.

At 100 samples collected I will release the first version of this database for public consumption, at the moment I only have 6 samples collected so we could use all of the help that we could get! Please contribute. Your voice may be what helps us to bring speech recognition forwards.

How big could this get?

There are roughly 335 million English speakers on the planet. I think it is completely reasonable to hope that you will be one of the awesome english speakers that will submit to the database. With your help we could get submissions in the thousands. I hope to eventually fill this database with 100,000 samples.