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How to control a Quartz Clock Mechanism

In the past I have spoken about the Internals of a Quartz Clock Mechanism explaining how it works and how it all comes together with a handy video. However, even though I explained how the solenoid spins the pinion gear I did not explain very precisely how you might go about manipulating a Quartz Clock Mechanism.

In this blog post I present you with another video that explains “How to control a Quartz Clock Mechanism”. In the video I explain and show how to connect the clock to a custom electric circuit that you construct and I then provide a method to speed up and slow down a regular quartz clock. I hope you enjoy the video, if you like the video then please let me know in the comments or share it around:

Recommended Resources

In the video I run through a number of concepts and I want to provide you the links to those concepts here in one convenient location:

Hopefully you can use these resources to control you own Quartz Clock Mechanisms or other electronic circuits.

Concluding Words

I have attempted to explain clearly how to control a Quartz Clock Mechanism in the hope that other people might follow suit. With any luck you can now go out there and do something really interesting with Quartz Clock Mechanisms. If you do then please let me know about it. If you have any comments at all, or would like to see me do something else that is interesting with Quartz Clock Mechanisms then please let me know!

Thanks for watching and reading!


One thought on “How to control a Quartz Clock Mechanism

  1. Robert, this is awesome! I am trying to rebuild your test setup (I want to make some clocks spin faster for an installation for my study). Could you list the electronic components you’ve used and maybe a technical drawing? I am not to get the setup to work :/
    Thanks in advance!


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