Fixing Annoying Touchpads

Let me give you a scenario that you may be familiar with: you own a laptop and are typing away as fast as you can and to your horror you accidentally touch the mouse pad and cause your cursor to jump somewhere else, or even into another window causing all kinds of havoc. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to disable your touchpad while you typed? To prevent all of this time wasting? Well the good news is that there is. The program that enables this functionality is known as ‘syndaemon’. All have to do is start it in the background and all of your annoying typing issues will disappear.

In Gnome, to make syndaemon run at startup do the following:

  1. Open a terminal and type in: gnome-session-properties
  2. Navigate to the ‘Startup Programs’ tab
  3. Click ‘Add’
  4. Make the ‘Name’ whatever you want, the ‘Command’ should be ‘syndaemon -d’ and the ‘Comment’ can be whatever you want.

You can see that all here:

And that was all that there was to it. I hope this helps someone.

Weekly Summary

Weekly Summary Six (Uni Work)

This week has met with alot more work to be getting on with; so much that it is a real balancing act to stay ontop of it all. However, I have learned a large amount in the process:

DOE (Digest of Events)

  • Started week one of University – It was a really full week but it looks like I am in for an excellent session; every subject contains interesting content
  • Read up on Lambda Calculus – I can now perform all possible reductions quite easily.
  • Read the first two and a bit chapters of the Modern Operating Systems textbook.
  • Dealt with some issues in the University working group that I head.

Dvorak Update

My typing speed with Dvorak has increased but I am not yet sure if it is fast enough to enable me to perform well during this session. I can type at 3.5 characters per second with Qwerty and average about 1.35 with Dvorak. It may not seem to bad but I am literally more than two times slower. This will not be good enough when I have to start seriously writing code at a prodigious pace. However, I have to take into account that one is touch typing while the other is not and I can actually see the keys. It undoubtedly creates a speed increase that I can not account for unless I learn how to touch type in Qwerty; and I can safely say now that I do not want to invest any effort into that. Therefore the true test will be when the Keyboard stickers come and I can see the keys that I am typing on. I cannot wait.


Essentially, I did not manage to get much done this week that was not university related, everything else took a back seat. However, alot was accomplished, and it is only a matter of time before I discover exactly how much time I can afford to spend on extra projects. When I do, and it will be soon, then you can expect more from me in the way of news. For the meantime I will have to be patient and simply perform the work that is most pressing. At any rate it is all exciting and I look forward to it all.