Weekly Summary

Busy Week (Weekly Summary 4)

This week was another very busy one. There was alot to do, and many people were making requests, so I was forced to try and distribute my time. Unfortunately this meant little work on Fuppes, which I intend on changing in the coming weeks, and pumping it right back up again.

Digest of Events (DOE)

  • I started using Google Chrome on Linux instead and I don’t think I’ll be going back to Firefox any time soon. Chrome is just faster and did you know that it actually compiles javascript so that it can gain faster execution speeds? And because I now use Google Chrome I looked into Vimium for all those Vim shortcuts that we know and love.
  • I was required to setup and eCommerce web application by a family member that really needed a solid one; so I decided to use Spree which turned out to be a joy to use. I’ll discuss this further down the page.
  • I talked to Ulrich and he had very exciting news that I am going to keep secret until he sees fit to talk about it; I only mention it because it got very excited hearing about it.
  • I did small amounts of Fuppes development and tried to keep up with the requests on various forums and locations.
  • Did some work for my local society; University begins in a week for me and they need all the help that I can give them. Lots of Django work there; actually on that note I don’t like Django. I much prefer Rails.
  • I have read about 150 pages of my “Modern Operating Systems” textbook and 210 pages of “Real World Haskell”. I even sent emails to the authors saying thankyou, asking questions and letting them know about some bugs. This is all in preparation for University; I’m trying to make the session easier on me so that I can distribute my time evenly over everything.
  • Two spammers left comments this week. So I am just going to let every spammer know that if they try and use me for their spam then I will block them with the tools at my disposal; and more; Please do not use this blog for your spam; for both of our sakes. Spammers, you have been warned.

All in all alot went on this week and there is always so much more to be done. I think I’ll be balancing and prioritising for a little while longer yet.

Extended Summaries

Spree and eCommerce (and Rails and Django)

A family member wanted me to consider creating them an eCommerce engine so that they could sell products online. Personally, I don’t have mush time to create a fully fledged eCommerce engine, so the first thing I did was look for and eCommerce engine and Spree was the best one I found (and It was just built on top of Ruby on Rails). After a few minutes I had spree running on my local machine but I really needed to provide static pages to the site. To that extent I decided to use the spree-static-content extension and it was almost perfect. After a quick patch it was ready to go and working beautifully. I’m actually really happy with the result. It all looks rather nice and I would recommend Spree to everyone and anyone. Actually, if this proves to be a fruitful affair, then I think that I will quickly try and get a few clients and make them sites using Spree.

While doing this nice, easy and beautiful programming with Ruby and Rails I was also forced to maintain the Django made website for CSEsoc. Django is painful and the part that I don’t like the most is the lack of a db:migrations framework. But other than that, doing things in Django just seems that much more difficult. They are technically equivalent; they are both web frameworks. But I know that I spend much less time using Rails than I do using Django.

Future Planning

The next week is going to be all about planning for University and getting as much done as I possibly can before I no longer have time to sleep. It will involve fore work on Fuppes, quickly getting that Spree website finalised, helping CSEsoc and finishing the reading of my textbooks. I have heaps to do but, despite everything, I’m having alot of fun doing it.


2 thoughts on “Busy Week (Weekly Summary 4)

  1. I’ve been using rails for some time but never looked into Spree before you mentioned it here. It opens up a whole new dimension of what I can do for clients – thanks for the recommendation.

    As for fuppes, I was wondering if there are any plans (or if its even possible) to implement a means of showing cover art on the 360? Unless that’s already available and I’m somehow missing it?


    1. Well then I’m glad that I mentioned it. 🙂 It really does raise the bar of what you can provide quickly to clients doesn’t it? And security is already covered for you; that’s the part I like most of all.

      And Fuppes should support Album Art (I’ve seen it lying around in the code) but I have never tried to get it working myself; I thin I’ll put it as an item on the documentation project. People should know how to add album art support. For advice on how to actually do it…well I don’t know yet but if I look into it soon then I’ll let you know. 🙂


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