Weekly Summary

Weekly Summary Two

This is a small weekly summary mainly because I focussed on only one thing; changing the database code.

Digest of Events (DOE)

  • Essentially I spent the week converting Fuppes to use different database code and I still have more left to go.
  • I had a little moment while doing some Haskell programming; it was a good moment. I have decided that I really like Haskell.

New News


I have no real new news so instead how about some humour to distract you? One of my favourite sources of humour, they sit there and make fun of movies. HISHE stands for How It Should Have Ended and they remake movies in cartoon form of how movies should have ended. They are back in action and rolling a new video out every month. Go take a look at them do their thing and enjoy.

Future Planning

  • Still working on the database items and getting it all working together.
  • Transcoding seems to be failing in all sorts of different ways so I will need to look into it soon.
  • Packaging of Fuppes for Debian is still going, soon I will just bypass waiting on people and attempt to get it into debian. I’ll send the RFS; it’ll be an exciting day.

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