Weekly Summary

Weekly Summary One

Welcome to the first weekly summary for this blog: Programming by Robert Massaioli. The layout of the weekly summaries are simple:

  1. I will provide bullet points for each of the things that I did this week and call it the ‘Digest of Events’ or the DOE.
  2. Then I will make note of everything that is important but that I did not blog; this section will be known as ‘New News’.
  3. This will be followed by some concluding notes and a vague idea of what I will be doing over the following week, which will be known as ‘Future Planning’.

Digest of Events (DOE)

  • Debian Collab-Maint has begun. Now people can help me package Fuppes for Debian based systems by going to git.debian.org.
  • I talked about the Fuppes Database and using SOCI as the ORM for Fuppes.
  • I announced that I would be making these weekly summaries along with any other posts that I deemed would be interesting.
  • I talked about the web-interface and how that is being abstracted for multiple interface use via a SOAP interface.

New News

Tracking Contributers

For the past few days I have personally been tracking contributers to the Fuppes project when I come across them. I currently have 11 people on the list who I believe have contributed to Fuppes, and at-least half of those are still actively contributing. There are three main sections in the file that people come under; ‘coding’, ‘packaging’ and ‘documentation’. There is also an extra section called ‘Everything’ which means that you have a hand in every other group; currently only Uli and myself exist in that section. I do not plan to make this list public for the sake of privacy and because I do not have people’s consent to publish such a list but I think it will act as a great way for me to remember what people have done and where I have seen them before. If you believe you have contributed to Fuppes and should be on the list then please leave a comment; I’ll be happy to add you.

Ubuntu GitDeb Package For Fuppes

One good man, Christoph Korn, has made a GetDeb package of Fuppes which you can download for Ubuntu Karmic Koala. That was really nice of him and he is to be commended for that. However, I will still be trying to make an Official Fuppes package at git.debian.org because GitDeb is not very rigorous in making sure that Fuppes is packaged properly for everybody that runs on Ubuntu.

Future Planning

  • I am planning of continuing to talk to people and continue the packaging effort. It is going well with Eva offering her help on the debian Fuppes ITP.
  • I am going to continue the database work on fuppes and try and work towards replacing everything with SOCI and making database rebuilds faster.

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