Fuppes, Presentation

Fuppes: Webinterface

This post is here to discuss the presentation interface of Fuppes. Currently it is a web-interface; a bunch of HTML pages that are generated by the fuppes program itself to server some basic configuration. However, to anyone that has looked at the current source code you will realise that that much HTML in C++ code begins to look a little messy. That is why Ulrich suggested something with a few more layers of abstraction. Who says that fuppes configuration must be restricted to a web interface; what if you don’t have a browser, or you have a headless server and no other computer to access fuppes from? What if you prefer the command line? Or a nice GUI application (made for your window manager of choice)?

So how do you solve the problem where people may want a variety of ways to get and set Fuppes configuration? Our solution is to create an abstraction layer that accepts get / set requests over the network. It will use SOAP Requests to send data back and forth between the two programs with fuppes acting as the back-end and the addition acting as the front-end in whatever manner it sees fit.

Work on this abstraction layer has begun but is moving slowly and there are also other things to consider while we are rewriting the abstraction layer. Proper login forms so that we do not have to filter and provide ‘security’ using IP addresses would be a good start. There are also some todo list items that could be read while that is going on. It is also a good excuse to double check configuration again.

Once I finish work on the database side of Fuppes then I plan to work of the interfaces to accessing the configuration.

N.B. Packaging Fuppes is still underway too. You can find it at git.debian.org under collab-maint/fuppes.git.


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